Main Features

Shortest control period can reach 250uS
Development platform fully supports programming environment of IEC61131-3 standard
Support remote diagnosis and analysis via Ethernet
Human Machine Interaction support eHMI interface
Provide low cost I/O module solution via gLink bus
Two-channel encoder interface, support incremental or absolute encoder, synchronous function of multiple IDEABOX-ECAT controller
Equip with encrypted chip design for software protection and end user payment control (optional)
Power failure protection solution (optional)

Optional accessories

GTHD-0032AEC2 output current of 3A
GTHD-0062AEC2 output current of 6A
GTHD-0132AEC2 output current of 13A
GTHD-0242AEC2 output current of 24A
GTHD-0034DEC2 output current of 3A
GTHD-0064DEC2 output current of 6A
GTHD-0124DEC2 output current of 12A

EtherCAT I/O Modular
RT131-1BL00-EA Digital32 Input
RT132-1BL00-EA Digital32 Output(Mosfet)
RT133-1BL00-EA Digital16 Input/16 Output(Mosfet)
RT133-1PL00-EA Digital16 Input/16 Output(Relay)
RT133-3FC00-EA Digital8 Input/8 Output(Mosfet),Analog8 InputVoltage/4 Output
RT133-3FC10-EA Digital8 Input/8 Output(Mosfet),Analog8 InputCurrent/4 Output