The GTHD series high performance servo drive features hardware and software design innovations that deliver superior servo performance, industry-leading power density and extensive versatility. GTHD supports virtually any motor, any feedback type, and any I/O requirement. Product functionality covers most applications that servo control needs, offering seamless commissioning through ServoITE software or direct terminal access, with all–in-one tuning of current, velocity, and position control loops.
Furthermore, GTHD can connect seamlessly with Softlink’s IDEABOX series and therefore provide all-in-one solutions for wide range of industrial applications.

Main Features

High power density drive in one of the smallest footprints
■ New current loop design for outstanding frequency response of up to 3 kHz
■ Real time Auto-Tune function minimizing position error and settling time
■ Anti-Vibration algorithm that effectively eliminates any mechanical resonance
■ User friendly ServoITE software for simple commissioning within minutes
■ Encoder feedback interpolation - total theoretical resolution supported as much as 26 bits